Welcome to HvK-Gaming
HvK-Gaming has been around since 2005, we were initially called "Clan HaVoK" as we were a Runescape PKing clan. We were the original kings of luring, we had no rules and no mercy for the fallen. Since then we have made changes and expanded into other games. Our main goal has never been to be competitive, but to have fun without the seriousness of most clans. We have always trusted our members to speak their minds and give us their opinions rather than to force our rules on them. We simply ask for respect and common sense of our members, nothing more.

HaVoK has grown from a clan to a community, and with time our members have branched out into other games. However we hate to see friends having to choose between two groups and wanted to keep them as members with no conflicts of other teams/clans/guilds, converting our clan into a community allows us to do so. If you're a gamer in general and you are not looking for heavy competition, but just a place to kick back and roll face, HaVoK may just be for you. Here is what to expect from HvK-Gaming

An interesting community
While most forums believe in daisies and holding hands to keep the peace, we're a bit different. We don't purposely try to talk down to someone or make them feel uncomfortable/unwanted, but we do like to keep things interesting. So if you are thinking about joining, please be willing to take a joke and not offense to anything anyone tells you, especially Smoka Cola.

Not only do we have our website and forums, we also have a Teamspeak 3 server, as well as Steam and Xfire groups. We believe it is key to communicate when gaming, you have a much better sense of what others are thinking and it is a recipe for hilarity when you're gaming with enough people. So please feel free to join our Teamspeak 3 server.

To make sure you're always connected, use "ts.hvk-gaming.com" for the address instead.

Currently we are trying to keep our website and servers ad-free, over time this may change as new hardware will be needed, and we may start having contest with real world prizes.

Community Events
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Mon at 8:49
Need to start getting some events up again. CSGO, GTA, ArmA? What's everybody got in mind?
Mon at 12:19
Would love to do GMod, but got nothin here in America to make it
Mon at 15:00
gmod would be cool, maybe fill some random murder or prop hunt server
Mon at 16:12
been so long since we had a gmod event. Last one was a blast tho
Mon at 16:13
Maybe do some fun TDM matches in GTA as well
Mon at 19:56
dark how bout some gta
Tue at 2:42
GTA, CSGO, ARMA, RO, DEPTH!, Rocket League Tournaments....
Tue at 13:05
Got finally rid of Steelseries, bought the Razer Kraken Chrome 7,1, damn those are fking nice :)
Tue at 16:33
Tue at 16:34
Tue at 16:34
Tue at 16:34
>inb4 broken in 2 weeks
Tue at 16:34
I've been using Steelseries for many years now
Tue at 16:34
They all broke down in 1 year of usage
Tue at 16:35
>implying Shitzer will last any longer
Tue at 16:35
Mics stopped working on Siberia v1 and v2, and had two Siberia Elite replacements and both had earcup falling off in a few months
Tue at 16:38
Had my plantronics for 1 and a half years. The only reason it broke was because of me yanking on the cable because I got pissed at it
Tue at 16:39
Tue at 16:39
I'm very careful with my headsets
Wed at 3:56
Good news guys! I'm drunk, and it's the first time I've had alcohol
Wed at 5:48
the driver was an alcahol
Wed at 11:04
One of the bots for CSGO's OP Skins got hacked and hijacked... http://steamcommunity.com/id/bot2_opskins/inventory/
Wed at 11:05
The fucking thing is worth $100,000+
Wed at 16:01
good riddance
Wed at 17:03
It was bound to happen sometime.
Wed at 22:01
Google Chrome isn't working for me now. I keep getting the Google Chrome has stopped working error message
Thu at 18:13
Tommy you mean as if the whole of google chrome freezes?
Thu at 18:13
and just stops responding?
23 hours ago
23 hours ago
I uninstalled it.
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