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HvK-Gaming has been around since 2005, we were initially called "Clan HaVoK" as we were a Runescape PKing clan. We were the original kings of luring, we had no rules and no mercy for the fallen. Since then we have made changes and expanded into other games. Our main goal has never been to be competitive, but to have fun without the seriousness of most clans. We have always trusted our members to speak their minds and give us their opinions rather than to force our rules on them. We simply ask for respect and common sense of our members, nothing more.

HaVoK has grown from a clan to a community, and with time our members have branched out into other games. However we hate to see friends having to choose between two groups and wanted to keep them as members with no conflicts of other teams/clans/guilds, converting our clan into a community allows us to do so. If you're a gamer in general and you are not looking for heavy competition, but just a place to kick back and roll face, HaVoK may just be for you. Here is what to expect from HvK-Gaming

An interesting community
While most forums believe in daisies and holding hands to keep the peace, we're a bit different. We don't purposely try to talk down to someone or make them feel uncomfortable/unwanted, but we do like to keep things interesting. So if you are thinking about joining, please be willing to take a joke and not offense to anything anyone tells you, especially Smoka Cola.

Not only do we have our website and forums, we also have a Teamspeak 3 server, as well as Steam and Xfire groups. We believe it is key to communicate when gaming, you have a much better sense of what others are thinking and it is a recipe for hilarity when you're gaming with enough people. So please feel free to join our Teamspeak 3 server.

To make sure you're always connected, use "ts.hvk-gaming.com" for the address instead.

Currently we are trying to keep our website and servers ad-free, over time this may change as new hardware will be needed, and we may start having contest with real world prizes.

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Aug 18, 16
My power went out for bout 45 minutes and kinda scared me at first. It's back on now and all my files are still here thankfully.
Aug 18, 16
However my front fan is stuck in overdrive and won't slow down. It's usually super quiet which is why I'm so concerned about it.
Aug 18, 16
My fan is back to normal now. Turned my PC off when I went to bed and now it's super quiet. WHew
Aug 18, 16
WHY !! :shock:
Aug 18, 16
Instant regret
Aug 19, 16
I don't plan on playing GTA Online ever again. Rockstar's been greedy from the beginning with it. I'd rather do what I did when San Andreas was the "best" GTA game - Mod the hell out of the single player.
Fri at 5:24
Sucks you feel that way Mike. We have a blast each day we play doing cat n mouse and torturing the NPCs with the Insurgents.
Sat at 13:13
It may be fun, but R* gave me a ban in June for no real reason - I was modding for singleplayer one day and got the notice in my inbox. Modded game didn't touch online but I still lost everything since the last(well deserved) ban
Sat at 13:15
July, not june.
Sun at 12:46
Please for the love of god do not make 2 word posts that have nothing to do with the thread. You know who you are.
Sun at 21:48
me to, thanks
Mon at 16:22
The struggle Brid, the struggle.
Mon at 16:23
Yeah that shite is just doin my head in m8
Mon at 16:48
guys im making memes twitch.tv/pwpersian
Mon at 17:53
pls trevor dont torture me http://i.imgur.com/aiJbekm.jpg
Mon at 22:57
The raccoon has been kidnapped
Tue at 4:31
we need an owl on the case
Tue at 15:12
Wed at 2:39
Fuckin Nick Cage
Wed at 2:41
https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/4z8yd1/sombra_cluereveal/ Its Happening. Blizzard may reveal Sombra soon.
10 hours ago
Teamspeak We have been noticing intermittent packet loss over one of our upstreams in Chicago (Telia) tonight, on the inbound from some endpoints (from New York/Ashburn, at minimum). We have contacted Telia to ask them about this. Clients whose ISP reaches us via Telia may notice skipping or other performance problems with services in Chicago; game servers in the Battlefield series may also see some player drops, because EA's back-end service (Blaze) has a provider that is currently reaching us via Telia.
10 hours ago
^^^ just giving you guys a heads up
10 hours ago
shits been fucking kicking me all day
9 hours ago
its been kicking a few people. i have yet to have much for problems though. but it is a bitch right now for most people
9 hours ago
yeah it's hit or miss, some are having the issue and some are not, DNS are fun yo
6 hours ago
Thu, Aug 25 2016 12:19pm - answered by Charlie Thanks for contacting us today. We've been seeing some saturation issues today with a few providers in the Chicago location. Our CEO is making adjustments now to route around these saturated links to prevent the connection problems being reported.
6 hours ago
Just another update on it
5 hours ago
Maybe things will be fixed.
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